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RV Lots For Sale

The following information has been provided by the owners of the property shown below in Arrowhead Valley and is presumed to be accurate and complete for informational purposes by the editor of this website and the Board of Directors of Arrowhead Valley RV Park.  All negotiations and/or sales will be between the current lot/unit owners and the purchaser (if any) and it is to be understood by all parties that the Park, Board and/or Homeowners Association are never involved.

Arrowhead Valley RV Park is a not-for-profit corporation registered with the State of Georgia and has legally adopted and enforces Homeowner Association covenants which must be followed by all owners.  It is not the responsibility to the Homeowners Association nor it's Board to make interested individuals aware of any specific regulations under these covenants or provide copies of them.  Before deciding to purchase in our park please read all the information on by-laws and covenants in the park rules section.

Lot #3                    129 Apache Bend                             706-897-6497                                                     $27,000

                                Jenny Marcott, Realtor       

Lot #18
                 132 Moccasin Ln.                              706-781-7945                                                     $59,900

                                Mindy Allen, Realtor             

Lot #40                 195 Moccasin Ln                               706-374-4825

Lot #41                 185 Moccasin Ln                               706-374-4825

Lot #46                 129 Moccasin Ln                               706-897-6166  David Boyd            Lot and Camper

Lot #60                 143 Conley Creek Cir                     
706-745-3649 or 321-693-1490

Lot #64                 199 Conley Creek Cir                      Tom – 706-835-2704 or R.J. 487-929-4964 $32,700                                                      Nice large lot, paved driveway, electric, water, cable available, large deck

Lot #75                 236 Conley Creek Cir                      Joel Keys 770-680-7649

Lot #73                 320 Conley Creek Cir                      352-978-1659

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